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Minecraft Creeper Anatomy T-shirt

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Minecraft Creeper Anatomy T-shirt

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The Creeper (Creepus explodus) is an all-terrain combustible terror of destruction, indigenous to dark caves found deep beneath the earth's crust, and luxurious neighborhoods with glass houses and nice fancy everythings.

In this day of endless mining and crafting, we must arm ourselves with the power of knowledge to combat this force of mobile destruction who terrorize our world. After all, that's a lovely collection of everything you have there, it would be a shame if ssSSssSSssomething were to happen to it.



Bröstvidd Längd
S 43 cm 71 cm
M 48 cm 74 cm
L 53 cm 76 cm
XL 59.5 cm 78 cm
XXL 63.5 cm 81 cm

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